Tattoo Removal

About Laser Tattoo Removal

More than 45 million Americans have tattoos, and a significant number become regretful of that ink. There is only one safe and effective solution to unwanted tattoos – laser tattoo removal.

Tranquility Laser Center is now offering Dayton’s most advanced laser tattoo removal procedure available – Trinity tattoo removal. The technology of the triple wavelength Astanza Trinity laser system gives TLC the ability to provide the most powerful and personalized removal treatments in all of the Miami Valley. We ensure patient comfort through the use of local anesthetic for a pain-free removal process.

Eliminating unwanted ink from the skin requires a special laser technology called Q-switching. TLC’s Trinity laser condenses the laser’s energy into quick, powerful pulses. These intense energy pulses are sent deep into the skin to target and treat the unwanted tattoo ink.

With the three wavelengths available in the Trinity laser system, every single ink color on the spectrum can be successfully treated with great results.

The basic process of tattoo removal involves a laser pulsing light energy into the skin. The tattoo ink directly absorbs this energy, heats up instantly, and shatters into small fragments. Then, the broken ink particles are flushed away by the body’s immune system, fading the tattoo from visibility with each treatment. After a series of treatments, the skin looks like the tattoo was never there!

Because of the advanced technology available at our Dayton-area office, Tranquility Laser Center can tailor each treatment to you and your tattoo removal needs – so your skin will be clear in fewer treatments.

About Trinity Laser Technology

As an important aspect of any laser tattoo removal experience, the laser technology can make all the difference. The Astanza Trinity laser system is specifically designed to provide the most effective laser tattoo removal treatment for each patient.

The FDA-cleared Trinity produces the highest levels of removal success because it combines three wavelengths of energy, unprecedented power, and added safety elements. Each of the Trinity’s wavelengths – 1064nm, 532nm, and 694nm – offers an abundance of color targeting possibilities. The ability to combine the use of these wavelengths gives unprecedented options for patients with colorful tattoos. Unlike some laser systems that can only remove certain shades, the Trinity can completely eliminate tattoo ink of any color.

The power produced by the Trinity is much greater than that of other tattoo removal laser systems. Power is important for deep or stubborn tattoos that need extra care to achieve complete removal. At TLC, the tattoo removal process will be more productive and require less treatment time overall.

In addition to featuring advanced Trinity tattoo removal technology, the medical professionals at Tranquility Laser Center have many years of experience and ample tattoo removal training to provide the best removal of your unwanted tattoo.


Why get rid of my tattoo?
Many people who have gotten a tattoo experience some level of regret. Laser tattoo removal at Tranquility Laser Center is an easy and safe solution for removing unwanted ink to patients in the Dayton, Ohio area.

Some popular reasons for getting rid of tattoos include: job opportunities, changes in lifestyle, changes in preference, and unsatisfactory artwork.

Why use a laser for tattoo removal?
Laser tattoo removal, especially with our Trinity laser, is non-invasive, requires no downtime, and is exceptionally effective at removing tattoos. Alternative options for removal include harsh surgical methods that result in permanent scarring or topical creams that simply do not work.

How many treatments do I need?
Tattoo removal with the Trinity will minimize the number of treatments needed for complete removal. Factors that affect the rate of removal include: tattoo color, location, patient immune health, tattoo size, and the skin type.

Typically patients need 5-10 treatment scheduled 6-8 weeks apart, but the doctors at Tranquility Laser Center will tailor each treatment for you to ensure that you’re getting the most out of each session.

Does laser tattoo removal hurt?
Most people say laser tattoo removal feels a lot like getting the tattoo. At TLC, we offer a variety of numbing solutions to help you feel comfortable. We have skin cooling, topical creams, and lidocaine injections for a comfortable, low-pain tattoo removal procedure.

How long does each treatment last?
Treatment time is dependent on the size of your tattoo, its physical location, and the colors of ink. Average treatments last anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes.

During your free consultation, the length of each treatment, how many treatments you may need, and any technical aspects will be discussed.

What are the side effects?
Side effects are minimal with the advanced Q-switched laser technology of the Trinity. The Tranquility Laser Center medical team has years of medical experience and is well-trained on the tattoo removal procedure.

Patients may experience some swelling or blistering, but all common side effects are temporary.

If you have any concerns before your treatment, the knowledgeable staff at Tranquility Laser Center can answer all of your questions.

How much does laser tattoo removal cost?
The price of laser tattoo removal at TLC depends on the size of your tattoo. During your free consultation, we will discuss the cost of each treatment based on an assessment of your tattoo. We offer attractive package deals and Care Credit!