Exilis Elite


Here is how it works…

Exilis ELITE is not a laser, it is a radiofrequency device that delivers a controlled amount of high amount of energy to the dermal and subcutaneous layers of the skin. The RF energy heats the undersurface of the skin melting fat and collagen remodeling.

 Quick and Easy…

Treatments average 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the area being treated. There is no pain associated with your treatment, only an intense sensation of heat which tells you that the treatment is achieving its goal. Other than a brief period of redness and minor swelling you can get back to your daily routine almost immediately.

Although you may see immediate results after your treatment session, typically the best results are seen 3 months after completing your treatment series. For body applications sessions are repeated at 7-14 day intervals for 4 to 6 sessions. While facial applications sessions are repeated at 10-14 day intervals for 2 to 3 sessions.

You are not required to do anything special prior to your treatment session. However, for optimum results, you should drink lots of water before and after your treatment along with with light physical activity to help improve lymphatic drainage.